Healers, shamanic and spiritual types who want to thrive in the world of matter...

with Phenix Rose

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Have the income and impact in the world you are meant to by doing what you love!

Even if you're broke, stuck in old patterns or disheartened about ever earning money doing what you love...


Revealed: Why worrying about money will NEVER actually help you make money – and what you need to do instead!


The real secret to sharing your souls gifts with the world – almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea will certainly get you the results and money that you desire!


You’ll discover my 5 step secret Soulpreneur process – this is the truly magical way!

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This Soul Aligned Soulpreneur Workshop will help you:


 Master the art of shamanic practices to help you align to more money in your business starting now

 The quick and easy way to get more aligned clients – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic! 

  You’ll discover the ridiculously easy way to connect with your business and create an offer that pays you well – even if you can’t tell / don’t currently know how to do it 

 How to quickly recognize and avoid bad messaging that doesn’t convert to sales and money in your business

 Why it’s NOT your fault if you haven’t started earning the income you know you deserve – and what you can do starting today to make money doing what you love!

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Meet Phenix Rose...

A shamanic business coach who has helped countless clients earn a viable living doing what they love utilizing their spiritual gifts.

For the past 7 years Phenix has been helping healer, shamanic and spiritual types unlock their blocks to abundance and money and achieve a soul aligned career that pays well, creates an impact in the world and allows for lots of spaciousness and time off for things they’re truly excited about.

In this life-changing workshop, Phenix will guide you through the 5 proven ways to unlock your business and abundance blocks. without having to work hard or over exert yourself in order to succeed

This single presentation has helped hundreds of spiritual, shamanic and healer types around the world, and YOU could be next.

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Discover the soul aligned way to create more impact in the world, income & spaciousness in your life to be able to do what you love...


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