Leaders of the New Earth

You are invited to a 6-month Spiritual Healer Activation & luxury retreat experience for Soulpreneurs & Medicine Healers.
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Activate your Super Healer

 2 premium week-long retreats at energetic hot spots in Sedona & the Mexican Maya Riviera 

Activate your blueprint for successful spiritual business 

 6 months of spiritual business development 

 6 months of deep-dive healing

8 group calls 

 3 one-on-one sessions

 3 - 5 plant medicine ceremonies

Become a Shaman and Facilitator of Plant Medicine 

 Community of Soulprenuers

 3 - 5 plant medicine journeys

 Super success in spiritual business blueprint

 Private room during retreats

 Tours, aura readings, excursions

 Vegetarian meals during each retreat   

 Access to my online membership platform & personal library of resources 

♥ Quantum upgrades in personal & business life success

Two Premium Retreats for Activating the Super Healer Within You

Discover Unlimited Possibilities!

You’re ready to... 

Make a quantum shift

Fulfill your life purpose to help weave the New Earth.

♥ Create success as a spiritual practitioner & business owner.

♥ Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Have a bigger impact in the world.

Take better care of yourself.


AND have more freedom and a larger income.

Built for: Soulpreneurs

Revolutionaries of the New Earth:  activists, New Earth builders, intuitives, healers, sensitive souls, game changers, leaders, medicine beings 

You're starting or have a spiritual business that is currently earning $5 -10K per month & want to level up and create a bigger impact

You know the power of energy & want to step into your leadership role as a super healer.

You're struggling to find your niche, to feel safe expressing your abilities, to fit into communities, to shift to the next dimension. 

You’re in a corporate job & want to make a shift.

This may NOT be for you if you are:

  • A beginner ⁠— struggling financially & still need a lot of personal healing.
  • Currently stuck in survival mode.
  • Timid to face & overcome your fears.
  • Don’t believe in spirit OR know what energy is.

Plant Medicine:

 3 - 5 plant medicine ceremonies using cacao, tepezchouite, peyote and rape

 Learn plant medicine facilitation

 Use power plants for personal healing

 How to hold ceremonial space

 Spirit Cleansing: healing and tools

 On-going access to sacraments & medicines

Healing Powers:

Shamanic & spiritual healing

How to communicate with spirits

Body work, energy healing

How to have a successful spiritual business

Psychic & intuitive development

Ancestral healing

Crystal healing & grids

How to create sacred, high-vibe healing spaces

Watch the videos below to hear about the journeys that were taken during Rainbow Warrior:

"Because of Phenix, I have chosen to show up for myself in ways that I never have before."

–  A M B E R   –

"I was able to regenerate my vitality that I thought I had lost."

–  E V A   –

"My life has drastically changed. I have gained a spirit family and many modalities that I will carry forever."

–  B A H E Y A   –

"Rainbow Warrior was the vessel that helped me come back to remembering who I was and to all my magic."

–   D A W N   –

How I remembered

Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

International School of Temple Arts

Healing Touch Program

5+ years as a plant medicine facilitator 

Tantra Quest Training

 Damanhur Mystery School

I want to work with you!
V O R T E X  # 1

Sedona, Arizona

Luxury Healing Retreat:

 4,500 square feet

 Private Room

 Epic Views

 Salt Water Pool & Hot Tub

 Yoga Room for Training

 Crystal Grids in House

 Courtyards & Meditation Gardens

 Feng Shui Design

Upgrade your 
Spiritual Business

 Individual & group business coaching

 Create your own premium healing experiences

 Activate new abundance codes

 Take your healing abilities to the next level

 Learn the intricacies of medicine facilitation

 Receive personalized & focused healing

 Activate spiritual business success

 Be supported every step of the way

Sedona Venue Salt Water Pool
Sedona Venue View

Coaching to Align your Soul Purpose & Activate your Success Codes

2 group coaching calls/ month

 2 one-on-one sessions/ month

 Psychic readings & business guidance

 Retreats for hands-on training

 Medicine ceremony integration support


YES! I want to heal in luxury!

ONLY 6 Months to Quantum-Level Transformation

You will heal AND ...

✓ Change your life

✓ Improve your business & finances

✓ Activate your premium self

✓ Create a bigger impact

 Enhance your magic

 Learn to facilitate medicine ceremonies

✓ Have more spaciousness & freedom in your life 

 Become a Super Healer and Leader of the New Age

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V O R T E X  # 2

Maya Riviera

Luxury Healing Retreat:

 Beach Front in the Maya Riviera

 Private Room

 Epic Views


 Tulum Ruins


 Temazel Sweat Lodge

Awaken your Shamanic Self

 Shamanism tools for healing

 4 types of plant medicines

 How to facilitate ceremony

 The art of ritual & space holding

 How to do remote viewing & psychic readings

 Spirit communication & entity removal

 How to perform non-sacrament ceremonies

 Trance dance

Take me NOW! My SOUL longs to learn in paradise!

New, enhanced healing abilities 

♥ Increased income & impact

Unlimited access to online portals

Premium spiritual business model


Facilitation skills for medicine ceremonies

♥ Tools & healing modalities for your catalogue of offerings

♥ Certificate of completion

♥  Access to plant medicines


Apply today to see if this program is right for YOU.

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Space is limited!

ONLY 6 spaces & 1 one-on-one, VIP spot for training available. Reserve your place today.

Applications are due by October 8th 2021.

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My SOUL longs to learn in paradise!