This quarantine time has been a huge blessing to my life. Right as the stay at home order was being issued, two loves of mine moved in and we bunkered down together. Tantric practices every night, good food, sex. I was receiving everything I had been asking to receive for a long time. For me it's felt like a reward for my continuous connection with the Earth. It was as if while many others were struggling she was saying to me, "Thank you, now here is my offering to you." I went on camping trips to the desert, stayed in an Earthship in Taos (My next goal is to build one). I meditated, made love and surrendered into less working. Although right before the quarantine began I had made an investment of 20K into a premium business program to up level my craft. And so there I have been, learning and growing and using this time to create. And what has been born, is Vibe Up. A cute, fun little offering that combines my expertise with energy and my business blueprint for easy fun success. I've been having soul much fun! I am sending love to you if that hasn't been your experience. Even though mine has been quite the treat I realize people have lost jobs, family members and friends...not to mention freedom and connection. I trust that the Earth created it so that we each get what we need. If you are one of the ones home alone perhaps this is a beautiful opportunity to practice self love and connecting with yourself. For those who have lost loved ones, an opportunity to connect to spirit. Death is a beautiful home coming, the beings who are departing having chosen to travel on. Death provides such a beautiful gift to those who are left behind. Grief, feeling, remembering. Remember, death is impermanent, you will see your loved ones again. Happy Quarantine everyone.

I'm currently on a work and love adventure in New York. Brooklyn to be exact. Never did I ever think I would consciously choose to come to this city again. I'm a wide open very clear energetic being and cities are a lot for me. I am also a lover and have a created a life where I follow the spiritual current that pulls me. That current has led to my greatest healings and also most painful moments. Somehow, that current led me here to a beautiful apartment overlooking the East river and the city scape. I thought sunsets over the ocean were fantastic but sunsets over this Atlantinian cityscape are also pretty spectacular. I am called to be of service, to offer my gifts and healing here in the city and also to follow a relationship current that may very well be my unraveling with a being who challenges me to the very core of my being just by being who he is and choosing the life that he's choosing. Being the first carrier of Tepezcohuite in the US I want to expand the work across the globe offering healing spaces and activating shamans in the path. So here I go with my first collaboration in NY (and hopefully not the last) Soul Love a journey to just that, love beyond the parameters of our minds. I am activating many offerings during my time here after about a year break from teaching and facilitating groups outside my tantric shaman training and the medicine work. Stay tuned

I've been a tantric healer through many life times. Lately, I have been diving deep into ISTA's school of wisdom and the mystery arts through the lineage of Mary Magdalene...the sacred "prostitute." One of the origins of the word prostitute comes from a time when priestesses and keepers of the feminine esoteric wisdom still gathered in temples around the world. Certain priestesses would receive men who were ready for higher spiritual activations on their path towards enlightenment. The would upgrade their ka (energy) bodies through various modalities and sensual or sexual touch. When word got out about these activation's, men who had not been invited in began forcing their way into the temples and raping the priestesses. Some left gifts or money as an "exchange" for what they were taking. Sexuality and sexual acitivations are gateways to the divine. Mary Magdalene knew this and so did the political powers at the time. She was shamed and named as a prostitute instead of being recognized for her priestess power and training under the temples of Isis, education in tantric wisdom and role as Christ's closest disciple. This was done as a way to shame sexuality and continue the patterns of oppression and suppression of magic. Tantra has become a way of life for me. I live and breathe the practices and crave the depth of connection that can be created through the art. Understanding energy healing and developing my extra sensory abilities has created a beautiful life full of healing and mystery and magic. I have recently entered into a phase of immense pleasure and abundance and balance thanks to all the inner work I have been diving into over the past few years. I have received many activations and upgrades and am holding a frequency that I would love to share with you. Tantra is a modality that combines movement, breath, sound, intention, awareness, intimacy, surrender and connection. It adds an extra oomph to the mundane and "normal" relational practices that we move through on a day to day basis. Through tantra we can heal, experience magic and open up to relational possibilities that we could only dream of. However, just like any instrument you practice, its gets better over time.