I've been a tantric healer through many life times. Lately, I have been diving deep into ISTA's school of wisdom and the mystery arts through the lineage of Mary Magdalene...the sacred "prostitute." One of the origins of the word prostitute comes from a time when priestesses and keepers of the feminine esoteric wisdom still gathered in temples around the world. Certain priestesses would receive men who were ready for higher spiritual activations on their path towards enlightenment. The would upgrade their ka (energy) bodies through various modalities and sensual or sexual touch. When word got out about these activation's, men who had not been invited in began forcing their way into the temples and raping the priestesses. Some left gifts or money as an "exchange" for what they were taking. Sexuality and sexual acitivations are gateways to the divine. Mary Magdalene knew this and so did the political powers at the time. She was shamed and named as a prostitute instead of being recognized for her priestess power and training under the temples of Isis, education in tantric wisdom and role as Christ's closest disciple. This was done as a way to shame sexuality and continue the patterns of oppression and suppression of magic. Tantra has become a way of life for me. I live and breathe the practices and crave the depth of connection that can be created through the art. Understanding energy healing and developing my extra sensory abilities has created a beautiful life full of healing and mystery and magic. I have recently entered into a phase of immense pleasure and abundance and balance thanks to all the inner work I have been diving into over the past few years. I have received many activations and upgrades and am holding a frequency that I would love to share with you. Tantra is a modality that combines movement, breath, sound, intention, awareness, intimacy, surrender and connection. It adds an extra oomph to the mundane and "normal" relational practices that we move through on a day to day basis. Through tantra we can heal, experience magic and open up to relational possibilities that we could only dream of. However, just like any instrument you practice, its gets better over time.

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Beautiful Humans,

I know that I said I would keep in touch via email during my travels and that you haven’t received a single email from me in months!

When I arrived at Pachamama in Costa Rica in November, I did my best to try and keep up with my business flow and soon realized that I was being called to practice a different way of being.

Presence. Cleansing. Silence. Receptivity.

I unplugged, checked in occasionally, and went deep into an internal healing process. Going to Pachamama was one of the greatest self care decisions of my entire life!

Last year, I held a lot of space, facilitated a LOT of ceremonies, did many spirit cleansing, listened to countless stories, started a whole bunch of new projects and the list goes on and on. I needed some time out for myself to shed the energy I was carrying and to practice dropping more deeply into my being than ever before.

While I was away, I did workshops, things such as body love, soul voice, freedom from the past, core healing, dance (soul much dance) and sat with power plants at least once a month. I formed connections from all over the world and I ate chocolate just about every day.

I sat in silence for Christmas and the New Year which was one of the most powerful and cleansing experiences of my life. I got to simply sit with myself for 10 days and examine my inner world and spent days repairing tears formed from this event or that relationship or that other lifetime. I loved it. I was a little sad to begin talking again afterwards. I had really begun to love hanging out with me and only me there for that time! I was able to truly come to love myself through the silence. I had only me to keep myself company and I decided that I am pretty fun to be around! I processed a LOT of pain, healed by watching sunsets on the beach most nights of the week towards the end of my stay, AND met one of the greatest friends of my life. I had never experienced a relationship let alone a friendship that could be so engaging, fulfilling, supportive, honest, caring, loving, playful AND consistent. It felt like the universe and our higher selves decided to send me a true angel for this time. Wow. I have decided that I will be spending a lot of time at Pachamama over the next year because it was a truly remarkable and healing place. It was the most I’ve ever been able to live in alignment with my internal ideals on this planet, and because I believe in the work they are sharing with the world. I want to be a part of their global consciousness activation. I arrived back in the states a few days ago and hit the ground running. I plan to teach, facilitate ceremony, do sessions, buckle down and create while the juices are flowing and then head back to Pachamama in July or August for some more silence and soul medicine. My focus will mostly be on work these next few months. I feel like I accomplished a LOT of healing. I cracked open a deeper experience that isn’t fully complete yet and I want to take good care to maintain this internal state that I have created. AND I love my work and want to make sure I continue to move it forward. Global expansion time. I have some things in the works that I would love to share and invite you to participate in.

#1 Ceremonies

First, I have two Tepezcohuite ceremonies happening in Boulder, Denver. The first is full but I have another in May with a few spots remaining. I would also like to do some private ceremonies for people who don’t want to participate in the group or feel you need special attention.

#2 One-on-One Sensitive Soul Spots

Second, I'd like to take a few trainees through the Sensitive Soul program on a 1:1 basis. This is a Psychic and Empath Training program that I launched in the Fall 2018, just before leaving for Costa Rica. If you want to participate, please sign up for a Free Sensitive Soul Discovery Session. #3 Energy Healing

AND third, I will be offering super discounted healings and an Energy Healing Workshop (Use Promo Code mariatorres) at a wonderful new community event called Howling at the Moon on May 18th in Morrison Colorado. I just did their first one one on 4/20 and had a great time. It was a beautiful way to drop back into the healing space and also connect with the community at the same time. I am happy to announce that I am lit up, in love with the world and myself, feel radiant and alive and am so happy to spend a few months connecting with my Colorado family again. Thank you for being a part of my world and this beautiful journey. I hope to see you out there With love and energy, Maria aka Phenix

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Greetings humans,

How are each of you faring this astrological season?  

Colorado is on fire and the Lionsgate Portal just opened on 8/8.  What this means is that we are in a potent vortex of cosmic ascension and acceleration energy.  Not to mention that we have quite a few planets still in retrograde so it can feel like energy and life is standing still and even regressing backwards while new energies flood in at the same time.

In all transparency, this time and the past week since Lionsgate opened has been dissolving me on all levels.  

Physically, my body in undergoing changes and what feels like “ascension sickness”. Mentally, I have had every single insecurity, doubt and self defeating thought arise during this time.  Emotionally, I have been all over the board and irrationally reactive and emotionally volatile. Spiritually, I am questioning everything including my intuition which is the basis of my entire reality.

It’s rocking my world, humbling me and I feel as though I am undergoing a heck of an upgrade here although the process has been excruciating, humbling and very uncomfortable for about a week now.

The energetic intensity has me strongly desiring to exit the planet.  It’s wild the places I have gone and the duality that has been surfacing within my reality.  

My strategy?  

Surrender.  Submission. Allowing.  Breathing. Crying. Sleeping.  Trust. Cursing.

I have taken so many naps this week it is ridiculous.  

Now, this isn't my first time experiencing an upgrade like this although it surely is one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have had in awhile.  

The magnitude of the upgrade I am receiving mirrors the extent of the discomfort. When spirit showed me my path as a channel years ago, I was told that it was my job to be a vessel for the upgrade frequencies of the planet.  This has led to quite a few rather intense and uncomfortable ascension and transmission spiritual experiences.

My own medicine

During this last ceremony I had a facilitator finish her training so I got to drop in fully with the medicine, which is always my reward for a graduating student, and the release was monumental. Beautiful, even. I required all the support the ceremony had to offer!  It’s a good thing I taught my facilitators so well! I was infinitely grateful for the love, affirmation and support I received that day. As a healer, I am in great need of healing especially as my abilities expand and grow which they have been at a rapid pace. What a week, thank you for bearing witness to my process.


This week I begin the next phase of my journey: traveling around the US the next few months before I move to Costa Rica. As mentioned previously, I am shifting all my offerings (except for ceremony and Costa Rican in persons) online.

Over the next few months I will be launching two new courses The Sensitive Soul - Tools for the highly sensitive person and The Magic Man - The Magnetic, Authentic, Gentle, Intuitive, Companion which will be my new online tantric offering for men who are wanting to take their game, relationships and intuition to the next level and rise with the Aquarian Golden age of spiritual awakening.

In addition to that, you can find me in my new bimonthly New moon and Full moon offeringswhere I will be leading group magic and doing group readings for those of you who feel called to participate. Each one will be unique to whatever cycle we are in and offer valuable tools, support and energetic activations that you won’t want to miss.

I am very excited for this next phase and also a little nervous about shifting away from the beautiful community and practice I have created here.  There are just a few more opportunities to participate in ceremony with the Tepezcohuite before I depart. This includes private ceremonies with us if the group vibe isn’t feeling comfortable for you.  

We will be having a beautiful and potent afternoon gathering and a magical place called the Morrison house out here in Morrison Colorado.  Join us for an afternoon of Movement, Magic and Medicine as we activate ourselves and one another and dive deep into our beings.

So many beautiful ways in which to connect.  

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support in growing my practice over these past few years and I look forward to the next configuration of connection with each of you! Be sure to follow my adventures on Facebook and Instagram.  

Soul Much Love, Maria

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