Clairvoyance Practice: "Imagine"

Imagine that you are walking into a beautiful grassy meadow and the sun is shining so bright.

Imagine what the ground looks like, notice what clothing you are wearing. Then begin to visualize the sun rays on your skin, picture your skin warming, notice the color of the grass and the great blue sky. Visualize yourself getting hotter and hotter under the rays of the sun, so hot that you begin to wish or intend for a cooling mist.

Begin to visualize that cooling mist forming all around you. Give it enough density that you begin to see yourself starting to float in it. Notice the color of the mist as it arrives. Now as you float, imagine the color of the mist beginning to change. You are now floating in a mist of cool red. Imagine yourself surrounded and floating calmly in this red mist.

Now in your mind allow the color of the mist to change to a vibrant orange, visualize yourself floating in the orange mist, imagine what it feels like on your skin.

Now change the color of the mist of yellow, picture yourself floating in the sea of yellow for a moment.

From here, visualize the color of the mist turning to a leafy green, float, spin upside down and picture yourself immersed in a misty sea of green.

Now imagine the mist turning to a beautiful bold blue color. Give yourself a minute to rest in the blue mist, really see yourself there in the middle of it all, floating serenely above the grass and the ground.

After you have experienced the blue mist, shift the color to indigo, imagine the mist sweeping gently across your eyes as you float within in it.

Now, imagine the mist changing one last time to a beautiful pearly purple color. Picture yourself spinning around upside down one more time, changing your perspective while you are surrounded by the purple mist.

Take one final moment to visualize the weightlessness you are experiencing, picture how the mist covers you and finally, imagine yourself floating gently back onto the meadow ground. Picture your feet connecting with the grass and the soil below.

Then placing your hand over your brow you can say out loud “It is safe for me to see”.

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