Love the one you're with. Sometimes that's you!

This time last year I was brokenhearted and sick. I had a lung sickness that had persisted for over a year and a half that forced me to close the doors of my healing practice so that I could focus on healing myself. My unfulfilling relationship had ended in a traumatic way and I was even asked to leave the place where I was living which I loved and adored.

Life was crumbling and it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other.

At the time, I had to trust that something bigger was at play because SO MUCH was going “wrong”. As I look back on that time, I am able to see exactly why all that had to happen.

At the time, I was asking for greater things and had set set strong intentions for myself and my business. I was also putting conscious effort toward attracting my beloved in a super aligned relationship dynamic.

When I lost everything, I had only one thing remaining: ME. Even though I felt like a shell of myself, I was still here, still alive. I began to take steps towards regaining my power and shifting my life back into a healthy state.

I started doing the energy practices I had been teaching others for so long several times a day. I switched to non-inflammatory and vegan foods. I stopping working for several months. I did daily practices to align and attract a new and more potent partner. I moved to Mexico to sweat in the jungle for several months. I continued my work with plant medicine.

In a relatively short time, my energy came back online in a major way.

All of a sudden I was supercharged and inspired. I began to get downloads about a new collaborative business venture. I started writing my first book and I re-branded my business under the name Embodied Energy. I created and launched an online program called EmpoweredMe in 2017 which is exactly what had just happened to me.

I was Empowered and it took losing many of the things that I loved to get me there.

I returned home from Mexico and in four short months I double my income from the previous year. A few months later, I entered into a creation-ship with a beautiful metaphysical man with mutual long term future goals. How amazing is that?

And now I am launching a new business to offer intention filled, ritual based events, retreats and weddings. We will be using profits and the energies that we collect to invest in projects that create renewable resources and help people gain access to the healings and transformations that they need to live empowered lives. Read more about how awoke to this adventure in this post.

It’s so very exciting to be where I am now and look back on the struggle that was last year. All of those things occurred to help me get here. As Abraham says, “Everything is always working out for you.”

As I plan an international tantra and medicine ceremony retreat and continue, launch Ritual Wise, and continue the gratifying work of leading Tantric Touch Workshops and Energy Healing immersives, I am reminded that out of the abyss rose a phoenix.

If you are in need of healing, lean in, dig deep, and follow the calling of your heart. Do for yourself what you would do for others. You are worth it. The work is worth it.

I would love to connect to each and everyone of you as you journey and grow. You’ll find some free downloads on my site to help you along the way. If you are ready to dig deep, join one of events and stay tuned for details on a tantric immersive retreat in Mexico this June. It’s going to be amazing.

With energy and love,

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