Quarantine Vibes

This quarantine time has been a huge blessing to my life. Right as the stay at home order was being issued, two loves of mine moved in and we bunkered down together. Tantric practices every night, good food, sex. I was receiving everything I had been asking to receive for a long time. For me it's felt like a reward for my continuous connection with the Earth. It was as if while many others were struggling she was saying to me, "Thank you, now here is my offering to you." I went on camping trips to the desert, stayed in an Earthship in Taos (My next goal is to build one). I meditated, made love and surrendered into less working. Although right before the quarantine began I had made an investment of 20K into a premium business program to up level my craft. And so there I have been, learning and growing and using this time to create. And what has been born, is Vibe Up. A cute, fun little offering that combines my expertise with energy and my business blueprint for easy fun success. I've been having soul much fun! I am sending love to you if that hasn't been your experience. Even though mine has been quite the treat I realize people have lost jobs, family members and friends...not to mention freedom and connection. I trust that the Earth created it so that we each get what we need. If you are one of the ones home alone perhaps this is a beautiful opportunity to practice self love and connecting with yourself. For those who have lost loved ones, an opportunity to connect to spirit. Death is a beautiful home coming, the beings who are departing having chosen to travel on. Death provides such a beautiful gift to those who are left behind. Grief, feeling, remembering. Remember, death is impermanent, you will see your loved ones again. Happy Quarantine everyone.