Rituals Under the Moon

As a sensitive being you may have noticed that the different stages of the moon affect your mood, sleep, sensitivities and many other things. In many traditions around the world, the energy of the moon is used to enhance spells and rituals and enliven new projects and manifestations. The energy from the moon is so powerful that it affects the tides in every ocean on Earth, imagine the pull it must be having on the waters within each of us.

New Moon

The first stage of the lunar cycle represents opportunities, new beginnings – a stage of initiating and planning what you want to achieve in the following month. At this time, the moon is completely invisible in the night sky as it sits between the earth and the sun (with the sun shining on the side of the moon we cannot see).

It is a desirable time to set your intentions for the month as well as a time of boosted creativity. Write these ideas down, do some meditation, reflect on how you want to reshape old goals in a way that suits you in the present. What are your dreams and desires? Make them as clear as possible. You’ll be surprised in the ways the universe sends messages and opportunities to help you.

Full Moon

The energy of the moon is felt the strongest when it is full. Myths and legends throughout human history point towards strange happenings during this time – mum used to tell me this is when all the ‘crazy’s’ come out, and a friend of mine of who is a nurse agrees completely. It’s a time of abundance, where you may be able to see some psychical manifestation of the desires you laid out in the new moon.

Intense thoughts and emotions are usually associated with the full moon. A good idea would be to channel this energy into creative pursuits, or by reflecting and journaling to release any built up tension/emotion. Sexual energy is very high at this time, whilst we also tend to stay up later as our energy at night is increased.

This phase is a time to let go of anything that is not serving your higher purpose, which can be anything from toxic relationships, habits, people or jobs.

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