Styles of Sessions

Tantric Energy Experience
This includes a full body sensual tantric experience that will rebalance your energies, clear your field and awaken your eros in a way that supports optimum life force energies and facilitates healing for a multitude of issues. 

$300 per hour

Tantric Video Session
Learn to activate tantric energies from a distance.  Explore energetic dynamics and tantric tools and curiosities.  This is a great opprtunity to explore the spiritual practice of white tantra.

$150 per hour

Tantric Healing For Couples
Learn to interact with one another from the tantric perspective.  These sessions can be used to explore techniques, heal relationship dynamics or as an opportunity to receive tantra in the same space as your partner. 

$300 per hour

Tantric Sacred Spot Ritual
In this session there is opprtunity to explore sacred spot massage ritual for healing and also room to explore other outside the box relational dynamics bdsm, d/s, 

$450 per 90 min

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Soul Love

I'm currently on a work and love adventure in New York. Brooklyn to be exact. Never did I ever think I would consciously choose to come to this city again. I'm a wide open very clear energetic being and cities are a lot for me. I am also a lover and have a created a life where I follow the spiritual current that pulls me. That current has led to my greatest healings and also most painful moments. Somehow, that current led me here to a beautiful apartment overlooking the East river and the city scape. I thought sunsets over the ocean were fantastic but sunsets over this Atlantinian cityscape are also pretty spectacular. I am called to be of service, to offer my gifts and healing here in the city and also to follow a relationship current that may very well be my unraveling with a being who challenges me to the very core of my being just by being who he is and choosing the life that he's choosing. Being the first carrier of Tepezcohuite in the US I want to expand the work across the globe offering healing spaces and activating shamans in the path. So here I go with my first collaboration in NY (and hopefully not the last) Soul Love a journey to just that, love beyond the parameters of our minds. I am activating many offerings during my time here after about a year break from teaching and facilitating groups outside my tantric shaman training and the medicine work. Stay tuned