Tantric Healing

I've been a tantric healer through many life times. Lately, I have been diving deep into ISTA's school of wisdom and the mystery arts through the lineage of Mary Magdalene...the sacred "prostitute." One of the origins of the word prostitute comes from a time when priestesses and keepers of the feminine esoteric wisdom still gathered in temples around the world. Certain priestesses would receive men who were ready for higher spiritual activations on their path towards enlightenment. The would upgrade their ka (energy) bodies through various modalities and sensual or sexual touch. When word got out about these activation's, men who had not been invited in began forcing their way into the temples and raping the priestesses. Some left gifts or money as an "exchange" for what they were taking. Sexuality and sexual acitivations are gateways to the divine. Mary Magdalene knew this and so did the political powers at the time. She was shamed and named as a prostitute instead of being recognized for her priestess power and training under the temples of Isis, education in tantric wisdom and role as Christ's closest disciple. This was done as a way to shame sexuality and continue the patterns of oppression and suppression of magic. Tantra has become a way of life for me. I live and breathe the practices and crave the depth of connection that can be created through the art. Understanding energy healing and developing my extra sensory abilities has created a beautiful life full of healing and mystery and magic. I have recently entered into a phase of immense pleasure and abundance and balance thanks to all the inner work I have been diving into over the past few years. I have received many activations and upgrades and am holding a frequency that I would love to share with you. Tantra is a modality that combines movement, breath, sound, intention, awareness, intimacy, surrender and connection. It adds an extra oomph to the mundane and "normal" relational practices that we move through on a day to day basis. Through tantra we can heal, experience magic and open up to relational possibilities that we could only dream of. However, just like any instrument you practice, its gets better over time.

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