Are you here to make a difference in the world?

But you don't fully know how, what you are being called to step into, and you aren't clear about the steps you need to take to build your dream life?

I believe it is time for conscious, spiritual people and female leaders to rise and thrive.  It is time that we declared our birthright of abundance here on Earth and make a stand for ourselves and the healing of the people on this planet. 

I work with people who are gifted with super powers in the realms of healing, psychic abilities, shamanism and magic.  I believe that it is of dire importance that we shift our focus from plugging into careers and jobs that suck our souls and aren't aligned with our purpose here on Earth to walking in alignment with our higher purpose and divine plan.  


Do any of these feel like you?

  • I know I am here to create change, but I don't know how to get to where I am going.

  • I can't seem to earn enough money to live my dream life. I feel stressed by the state of the world and motivated to be a change maker.

  • I am stuck in a job that doesn't feel aligned or inspired and I want to make a change.

  • I have so many gifts but I do now know how to reach the people I am meant to.

  • I want to have a bigger impact on the world.

  • I have healing abilities and psychic powers but I don't feel totally in control of them.

  • I know that magic is real but I am not sure how to make a living being magical.

  • I have too much personal healing to do before I can help others.

  • I feel overwhelmed when it comes to trying to fulfill my purpose on earth.

  • I am tired of failing when it comes to living my dream life and making my business work for me.

  • I get overwhelmed with the online space and so I stop trying.

  • I want to be a leader but I am scared.

  • I work too much and don't feel I am getting paid what I am worth.

  • I want more freedom to do the things that I love.  

  • I find that I often compromise my value and give people discounts because they "need" me. 


I used to be right there with you.  I struggled to succeed. I did every job except the one I was meant for.  I was sick and tired and using substances to cope with my sensitivities.  I was barely scraping by and couldn't pay my bills or to take care of myself in the way that I needed to.  I couldn't give back because I had barely enough for myself. I was overwhelmed and over-stimulated bymy spiritual gifts and had no guide to help me sort through them.  I was not living in my highest integrity.  

Creative Mess

I said, "I am ready!"

I wasted a lot of time on my journey to get here.  This was one area where I didn't want to fail and so I avoided my success and kept myself small.   

But time was passing me by and I still wasn't where I wanted to be.  I had a lot of spiritual gifts but no idea how to run a business.  For the first few years, I winged it.  I went from $2,500 months to $5,000 but it wasn't consistent.  My money ebbed and flowed with my life force.  I was still stressed a lot even though I was finally moving towards my soul purpose and sharing my healing with the world.  

I kept investing in training and my income kept growing.  I did my daily practices and quit substances and my business began to thrive.  At first I set goals but didn't reach them...until one day when I shifted and everything shifted with me.  I became devoted to my mission, I became a vibrational match for success through my rituals and practices and I kept investing more in my growth as a leader and business owner.  My inner Creatrix activated and my dreams began to become fulfilled. 

I went from inconsistent $5 - $6k months to receiving $10k every month and then growing that until even more became the new norm.

I decided to not accept failure as an option

One unique thing about me is that I do not like to work a lot.  10 hours a week is good for me.  This year I had a goal for a six figure year working only six months and you know what?  It happened.  Six figures in under five months actually.  


When I shifted my why to Devotion and Service, everything changed. 

When we show up to love our communities with everything we have and give freely from our hearts it creates something so magnetic that people flock to it. 

I believe that it is possible to be spiritual and successful.  I KNOW that when conscious people have money in their hands the world will change.  I do not believe you should give yourself away for free.  I believe you have value beyond what you could ever imagine.  

I believe in you and I want to support you.  

Are you ready to step into your leadership and your soul purpose?

Rainbow Warrior Presentation BGs12.jpg

I imagine that if you are here, it is because you feel called to something greater and you could probably use a little support in getting there.  
I have some codes and upgrades for you.  

Even if you have no idea about the "how" right now but you see the bigger picture, I can tell you that if you can see it, you have the power to be it.  You wouldn't have a dream if it wasn't within your reach.  Honestly. 

I love helping healers and world changers thrive in the mundane, 3D, material world.  

You were not born to fit in, you were born to stand out.  If you feel the stirrings inside of you then don't hesitate, act now.  Your life is yours to create and to not allow yourself to receive abundance is to form a contract with mediocrity.  You are not mediocre. 

I can help get your from anywhere you are at in your soulpreneur journey to a thriving new reality filled with miracles and quantum upgrades.  I believe in what I do that much.

If you are just starting out, come on, its worth it.  If you are along the way but are ready for a big level up, I see you.  And if you have achieved success and now you are ready to step fully into your NEW EARTH LEADER capacity, I need you on my team.  Let us walk together.  

I hold a premium six-figure soul business blueprint that I am soul excited to share with you.  Not only that, I also have the work-play spaciousness codes and impact codes that you are longing for.  

I want to share them with you so that you don't have to struggle and fail like I did. 

If you want to earn more than you have ever made before, refine your healing gifts, create a bigger impact in the world, and have more spaciousness and time off in your life for the things you desire then feel free to fill out the application below.  

I am picky about who I work with because I only want to work with beings who are ready to take action and create the lives that they came here to create. I like my time off and being super on purpose so I am not desiring to waste any more time then I already have - so if you feel the yes, please apply, and if it is a not right now, please wait until you are really ready to step into your super and succeed in your soul aligned purpose. 

If you cannot wait any longer to be who you came here to be, then I want to connect with you!  







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