Are you a Sensitive Soul?

I have answered "Yes" to each and every one of these questions at one point or another in my life. Guess what? I have healed, and turned each and everyone of these things into a blessing and learning. Transforming these sensitives from points of to to points of power is what has let me here to you! If your experience is similar, then know one thing: You are here to heal it, so that you can help others to heal.


So, tell me, how many times are you a "Yes"? 

Have you been diagnosed with mental illness? Depression? Bi-polar? Anxiety?
Do you feel sad, depressed, or lonely and feel hungry for love and connection a lot of the time?
Have you experienced trauma in your life and still get triggered and feel the pain from your experience to this day?
Do you often feel alone and disconnected from others or have a difficult time meeting people like you?
Have you ever been labeled as too sensitive by family, friends or lovers?
Do you require a lot of alone time to recharge and heal?
Do you get overstimulated by noise, crowds, and parties?
Do you turn to drugs, alcohol, or food as a way to cope and drown out your senses, feelings, or boredom?
Do you cry often?