4 Weeks for the Sensitive Soul


Deep healing shifts that return emotional balance.

How It Works

Shift your mindset and your energetic alignment with this self-guided

4-week psychic and soul-work program. 


Transform times of pain, loneliness and discomfort into healing and personal power. 


Create a safe and secure space for you in the world around you. 


Your sensitivities are your greatest strength and healing power. Remember it.


"If anybody needs a recommendation, I can let you know from first-hand experience that Maria is truly the spiritual Goddess guide to work with.  Sometimes we think their addictions in this lifetime or patterns that just don’t make sense yet we keep on repeating. It’s almost always a karmic pattern that one’s conscious, we could start to unfold and then repair and then with a full inner spirit and higher self move on."

Michele, a Past Life Reading client

How we'll get there...

Girl Using Laptop
Video Lessons

4 Lessons + Bonus Material

Each lesson takes you a little deeper. We'll start with creating a protective container, shift into high vibration consciousness, address addiction, & step into abundance & purpose.


15 Guided Meditations

Meditation is proven to create major shifts. You'll have a meditation to keep you focused each step along your journey.

Journal Prompts

Weekly Soulwork

Inner work makes the outer work. You'll find that these journal prompts bring clarity to your inner world so that you can effect change in your outer world.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practices to hone your skills and tone your mind and energy. This is the substance that creates change. Habit & intention is everything.

You are Meant for Incredible Things

Thrive. Transform. Heal. 

4-Weeks for the

Sensitive Soul


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