Free Webinar

In this free webinar, overwhelmed empaths, introverts, and sensitive souls will learn how to transform the energy of overwhelm in 3 simple steps. There is no replay, so make sure ya show up!

Get Relief

Create Space between YOU & the feelings taking up all of your headspace

Trigger ID

Identify the people, environments, and stimuli triggering your overwhelm

Find Peace

Create a Plan of Action to lovingly return home to yourself, despite triggers.

Wear Your PJs

Intention and focus come from within, so you might as well get comfortable.

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Meet the Host
Over 8 Years of Transformative Work

Maria is an energy and embodiment coach. She helps spiritual seekers and fitness enthusiasts to understand, access, deepen, and leverage their psychic potential and abilities to achieve a total mind, energy and body transformation. In this webinar you'll learn her hardwon process for shifting out of overwhelm to calm.



"I used to feel overwhelmed and check out a lot from my body and community and now I have learned how to maintain my energy and clear harmful energies from myself so that I can be around others and feel better and safer."

Danielle Collier